Sales Management Consulting

Sales Management Consulting

There is no doubt your sales team works hard to sustain sales growth and meet revenue goals. However, few organizations have the expertise, time, and resources needed to keep up with new marketing trends and sale strategies. Even large corporations with massive marketing budgets can struggle with planning, organizing, and monitoring their sales operations. When modern businesses need help handling any aspect of the sales process, they rely on sales management consulting.

Sales management consultants fill many roles. These roles include helping businesses set sales goals, analyze data, assign territories, coordinate training programs, and prepare budgets, among other duties. For business owners and managers focusing on other areas of developing and growing the company, sales management consulting services can be invaluable to overall business success. Agile companies count on consultants to provide useful resources, objectivity, and vast expertise in business sales management.

Organizations cannot continue to operate under just “tried and true” sales strategies.

Consulting Points

  • Market Assessments
  • Sales Force Effectiveness
  • Sales Structure
  • Compensation Plans
  • Sales Meeting Planning

Focusing To Unleash Performance

You’ll work with a sales consultant who knows the ins and outs of your industry, and who will work with you to uncover the changes you need to make to see dramatic sales improvement. Then, we’ll help you move from recommendations to action and change.

Getting Results

Objectives commonly achieved by Top Line Management consulting clients include:

  • Developing a systematic process for closing sales.
  • Creating prospecting consistency to increase the output of the sales team.
  • Establishing a clear sales management strategy to support the sales team.
  • Rolling out a hiring process that attracts only A players.
  • Refining existing sales processes to accelerate sales growth.
  • Developing specific sales activity metrics for each salesperson.
  • Improving pipeline planning and reporting for the sales team.
  • Implementing sales management systems to lay the foundation for a larger sales team.
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I have been working with Top Line Management for over a year and I have been thoroughly impressed with how quickly and seemlessly they were able to integrate into our sales process, troubleshoot, and provide solutions using tried and true methodologies leading to tangible impacts in our sales performance. The aim is to achieve sustainable growth for the company and help young sales representatives grow personally and professionaly. They generate trust with the team, accompany them all along the development process, and have fun in the process of learning and executing. They do not use a cookie cutter approach to their projects. They spend considerable time working with leaders within the company to identify areas of opportunity, then work in the process to validate these areas and generate a business plan. They also provide no nonsense feedback to the project leaders and upper management. The goal is in the name, increase the TOP LINE. We are very happy to continue this relationship long term.

Robert Kenney
CEO, Metsa Tanks